He shall call upon me, I will answer. Ps. 91. 15

D. Herbert       C.M.

Come, come, my soul, with boldness come,
Unto the throne of grace;
There Jesus sits to answer prayer,
And shows a smiling face.

Our Surety stands before the throne,
And personates our case;
And sends the blessed Spirit down
With tokens of his grace.

There’s not a groan, nor wish, nor sigh,
But penetrates his ears;
He knows our sins perplex and tease,
And cause our doubts and fears.

But he upholds us with his arm,
And will not let us fall;
When Satan roars, and sin prevails,
He hears our mournful call.

He knows we have no strength at all;
He knows our foes are strong;
But though ten thousand foes engage,
The weakest sha’n’t go wrong.

Then let us all unite and sing
The praises of free grace;
Those souls who long to see him now,
Shall surely see his face.


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