Saints Freed from Hagar. Gen. 21. 9-12; Gal. 4. 21-31

W. Gadsby    122nd

What! must the Christian draw
His comforts from the law,
That can do nothing but condemn?
If this be Zion’s rule,
Then unto Hagar’s school,
Must Sarah send her free-born son.

But the bond-woman’s son
With such shall not be one,
Isaac alone is lawful heir;
So Abra’m must obey,
And Ishmael send away,
Nor Hagar must continue there.

Jehovah has decreed,
None but the chosen seed
Shall ever be accounted free;
Not one shall e’er possess
The promised land of bliss,
But Abra’m’s lawful family.

And these shall all be freed
From bondage, guilt, and dread,
And bliss, immortal bliss enjoy;
Beyond, beyond the grave,
The land of promise have,
And live with God eternally.

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