The Law of Liberty. James 1. 25; John 13. 17

W. Gadsby    8s

The gospel’s the law of the Lamb;
My soul of its glories shall sing;
With pleasure my tongue shall proclaim
The law of my Saviour and King;
A sweet law of liberty this;
A yoke that is easy and mild;
Of love it the precious law is,
Unknown unto all but a child.

[The law of the Spirit of life,
That takes the old yoke from our neck,
Proves Zion to be the Lamb’s wife,
And Zion with beauty does deck;
Provides her a clothing divine,
And makes her all-glorious within;
Nor angels are clothèd more fine,
Nor can it be sullied with sin.]

Its beauties all centre in Christ,
For Christ is the substance of it;
It makes broken hearts to rejoice,
And insolvent debtors will fit.
’Tis wisdom, ’tis strength, and ’tis love,
’Tis all that a sinner can need;
And all that are born from above,
By Jesus from Moses are freed.

This law is the poor pilgrim’s rule;
With boldness this truth I’ll maintain;
Thrice happy’s the man, though a fool,
That in it can look and remain;
This man shall be blest in his deed,
For Jesus and he are but one;
He’ll therefore supply all his need,
For ever and ever. Amen.

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