Glad Tidings. Isa. 61. 1-3; Matt. 11. 5, 28

W. Gadsby    11s

The gospel brings tidings, glad tidings indeed,
To mourners in Zion, who want to be freed
From sin, and from Satan, and Mount Sinai’s flame,
Good news of salvation, through Jesus the Lamb.

What sweet invitations the gospel contains,
To men heavy laden with bondage and chains;
It welcomes the weary to come and be blessed
With ease from their burdens, in Jesus to rest.

For every poor mourner, who thirsts for the Lord,
A fountain is opened in Jesus the Word;
Their poor parchèd conscience to cool and to wash
From guilt and pollution, from dead works and dross.

A robe is provided, their shame now to hide,
In which none are clothèd but Jesus’s bride;
And though it be costly, yet is the robe free,
And all Zion’s mourners shall decked with it be.

[A ring that denotes his unchangeable love,
Is put on the finger, God’s kindness to prove,
(This love no beginning can know, nor an end,)
And Zion shall wear it in praise of her Friend.]

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