The Good Man. Acts 11. 24; Rom. 4. 8-11

W. Gadsby    L.M.

By nature, none of Adam’s race
Can boast of goodness in God’s sight;
Sin plunged them all in sad disgrace;
Now nothing merely human’s right.

Good men there are; but, be it known,
Their goodness dwells in Christ their Head!
United to God’s only Son,
Their holiness can never fade.

In him they stand complete and just;
His righteousness he gives to them;
Of this they sin, of this they boast,
Nor law nor Satan can condemn.

The One-in-Three, and Three-in-One,
Sets up his kingdom in their breasts;
And there, to make his wonders known,
He ever lives, and reigns, and rests.

Life, light, and holiness divine,
From Jesus they by faith receive;
The Spirit makes his graces shine,
And gives them power in Christ to live.


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