“Rejoice in the Lord.” Joel 2. 23, 26; Ps. 32. 11

W. Gadsby   148th

Christians, rejoice, and sing
Your Maker’s lovely praise;
He is your God and King,
Ancient of endless days;
He lives, he reigns, and sits above,
The King of kings, and God of love.

No place can him contain;
Immensity he fills;
He measures, with a span,
The world with all its hills;
In heaven he reigns your God and King,
And will you to his glory bring.

He saves you by his grace;
O matchless grace indeed,
That such a rebel race
From sin and Satan’s freed!
His mercy, truth, and justice join,
To make you in full glory shine.

The time will shortly come,
When you, with sweet surprise,
Will find yourself at home
With Christ, above the skies;
With him to live, with him to reign,
And never, never part again.

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