“I am the way.” John 14. 6

W. Gadsby   7s

Jesus is the way to God;
Jesus is the way to bliss;
In this way the church has trod,
Down from Adam’s day to this.

[Jesus is the living way;
All beside to ruin lead;
They are safe, and only they,
Who are one in Christ their Head.]

[Jesus is a holy way;
Leads to endless joys above;
Holy men, and only they,
Walk in this blest way of love.]

[Jesus is the narrow way;
Hagarenes have here no room;
Sons, and only sons are they,
Who can travel this way home.]

[Jesus is a humble way;
Pride and self must be brought down;
Nothing like a beast of prey
Ever can in this way run.]

[Jesus is the way of strength;
Yet the strong this way can’t come;
And the Lord will prove at length,
Weaklings have the victory won.]

[Jesus is the way of peace,
Paved from end to end with love;
Yes, this way abounds with grace,
And the needy it approve.]

All a helpless soul can need,
All a faithful God can give,
In this way is to be had;
Here the hungry eat and live.


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