The Path of the Just. Isa. 26. 7, 8

W. Gadsby   8s

[By nature can no man be just,
Since all are conceivèd in sin;
No room is now left us to boast,
For works cannot God’s favour win;
But such who in Jesus believe,
Are justified freely by grace;
United to Jesus their Head,
He’s made unto them righteousness.]

The Lord is the path of the just,
And brighter and brighter shall shine,
To Adam revealèd at first;
To Abra’m made known in due time.
The saints saw the path in those days,
But still the path brighter did shine
When God gave to Moses his ways,
In shadows and types so sublime.

Now Jesus, the true Light, is come,
The path is far brighter than day;
Nor can that fair body, the sun,
Shine equal to Jesus, the Way;
The light that in Moses appeared,
Though great, was but dim at the best,
When with that divine Light compared,
With which the true church is now blest.

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