Christ a Sun. Mal. 4. 2; Ps. 84. 11; 2 Pet. 1. 19

W. Gadsby    S.M.

Jehovah is my Sun;
He shines into my heart;
Though clouds do often interpose,
My Sun shall not depart.

This Sun has warmed my soul,
When chilled by sin and death;
Its beams have shone with strength and heat,
And made me strong in faith.

Whatever be my frame,
My Sun no change can know;
Though I am dark, he still remains
My light and glory too.

Nor death, nor sin, nor hell,
Shall make him cease to shine;
And, though I cannot always feel
His beams, he’s ever mine.

’Tis no precarious light
That shines on Zion’s hill;
’Tis God, essential light itself,
And therefore cannot fail.

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