Christ the Believer’s Shield. Gen. 15. 1; Ps. 3. 3, 8

W. Gadsby    C.M.

When foes within, and foes without,
Against my soul unite,
By faith, I wield my Shield about,
And put them all to flight.

Should hell against my soul conspire,
And send their darts like hail,
My Shield’s a match for all their power,
Nor shall they e’er prevail.

No fiery darts from Satan’s den
Can sons of God destroy;
Their Shield is Christ; by faith in him
They can them all defy.

Then let the weaklings all be strong;
Take up their Shield, nor fear;
They shall be conquerors all ere long,
And crowns of victory wear.

Nor shall it e’er be said at last,
Here’s one among the damned
That, by a precious faith in Christ,
Behind this Shield did stand.


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