Christ a Physician. Matt. 9. 12, 13; Mark 2. 17

W. Gadsby    11s

A Physician, I learn, abides in this place,
Profound in his wisdom, abounding in grace;
His skill in all cases infallible is;
Effectual his medicines, nor ever did miss.

Poor sinners tormented with sickness or sore
Are heartily welcome to knock at his door;
He will not deceive them, nor spurn them away,
But freely will heal them by night or by day.

All plagues and distempers, all sickness and pain,
He cures without money; nor will he disdain
The vilest of sinners, that unto him go,
But surely will heal them, and perfectly too.

[The strong and the healthy, in vain ’tis to ask
To try this Physician; they’d think it a task;
They feel no disorder, no danger they see,
But boast of a heart that from sickness is free.]

[Nor will the afflicted to Jesus apply,
Till quacks give them up, and they think they must die;
When pockets are emptied, and carnal hopes past,
To Christ they will come, and he’ll cure them at last.]


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