David in the Cave. 1 Sam. 22. 1, 2; 18. 6, 7

W. Gadsby   104th

[When Jesse’s young son was honoured of God,
The stripling began to publish abroad
The love of Jehovah; his strength and his might;
Which brought down Goliath in Israel’s sight.

What joy in the land at once did appear!
Hosanna was sung to David, we hear;
But soon he was forced into Adullam’s cave,
And thousands pursued him his life to bereave.

To Adullam’s cave the wretched all run;
Which David must have, their captain become;
And thus he is furnished with men, to be sure,
But, O be astonished! they’re helpless and poor.]

In David I see a greater by far;
’Tis Jesus, ’tis he who saves from despair;
No sinner dejected that flees to the Lamb,
Shall e’er be neglected, for David’s his name.


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