“Great is the Lord.” 1 Chron. 16. 25

W. Gadsby   148th

The works of God proclaim
The greatness of his power;
Jehovah is his name;
The saints his name adore;
All creatures are at his control;
He rules and reigns from pole to pole.

Such his omnipotence,
And such his justice too,
A world he drowns at once,
Except a very few;
He sends his millions down to hell,
And yet is just and holy still.

But, O my soul! admire;
He looks with smiling face;
Though awful is his ire,
Yet boundless is his grace;
Mercy and justice here agree,
To save a guilty wretch like me.

That Zion might be free,
The angry powers of hell
As settled by decree,
Upon the Saviour fell;
’Twas in this way the Lord did show
What his almighty love could do.

[Justice unsheathed its sword,
“Awake,” the Father cries,
“And smite the Son of God,
My Fellow, from the skies;
Fall on him with thy wrathful power
Nor spare him in the trying hour.”

Justice obeyed the word;
The Lord a victim fell;
Shed all his vital blood;
Then spoiled the powers of hell;
He rose and triumphed o’er the grave,
And ever lives the church to save.]

Here I with wonder see
The Lord is great indeed;
Great is his love to me,
And all his chosen seed;
He’s great, and Zion shall record
The greatness of the mighty Lord.


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