“Awake, O sword, against my shepherd.” Zech. 13. 7

W. Gadsby   8.7.4.

O thou mighty God and Saviour
Give us faith thy works to trace;
Heavenly Warrior, may we never
From thee turn away our face;
May we view thee,
Standing in our wretched place.

Armed with wrath and righteous vengeance,
Justice once unsheathed its sword;
Death and hell were its attendants,
And Jehovah gave the word:
“Smite the Shepherd;
Let my wrath on him be poured.”

All obeyed with fixed attention,
And in dreadful troops drew near;
Horrors we can never mention
Seized our Lord and Saviour there;
Armed with vengeance,
Free from either dread or fear.

Gaze, ye Christians, gaze and wonder;
See the mighty Hero fight;
He has burst their bands asunder,
And completely spoiled their might,
Yes, this Warrior,
Put the hosts of hell to flight.

Now the battle’s fought and gainèd;
Jesus, our victorious Lord,
Rushed into the hosts, and stainèd
All his garments in their blood;
But he conquered,
And redeemed the church to God.


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