“Christ in you the hope of glory.” Col. 1. 27

W. Gadsby    C.M.

Jesus, the Lord, my Saviour is,
My Shepherd, and my God;
My light, my strength, my joy, my bliss;
And I his grace record.

Whate’er I need in Jesus dwells,
And there it dwells for me;
’Tis Christ my earthen vessel fills
With treasures rich and free.

Mercy and truth and righteousness,
And peace, most richly meet
In Jesus Christ, the King of grace,
In whom I stand complete.

As through the wilderness I roam,
His mercies I’ll proclaim;
And when I safely reach my home,
I’ll still adore his name.

“Worthy the Lamb,” shall be my song,
“For he for me was slain;”
And with me all the heavenly throng
Shall join, and say, “Amen.”

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