Christ the Believer’s Song. Rev. 5. 12; 14. 3

W. Gadsby   104th

Ye saints of the Lord, rejoice in your King;
His mercy record; his faithfulness sing,
His infinite power and wisdom proclaim;
His free grace adore, and sing “Worthy’s the Lamb!”

Complete and all pure in Jesus you are;
Your baseness he bore, and makes you all fair;
Nor Gabriel can boast of a robe more divine,
Than on you is cast, and in which you shall shine.

’Midst worlds in a blaze, and wrath streaming forth,
While millions shall gaze divested of hope,
In dread consternation, distracted with fear
Of just condemnation and utter despair,

True Christians shall stand, without fear or shame,
At Jesus’ right hand, in glory to reign,
The dread conflagration their joy can’t decrease,
Complete’s their salvation, and all is of grace.

Hallelujah, amen; salvation’s of God!
Repeat it again, and publish abroad
The love of your Saviour; what theme’s so complete?
He’ll leave you? No, never! his love is too great.


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