“Rejoice in the Lord.” Joel 2. 23; Hab. 3. 18

W. Gadsby    S.M.

Let saints lift up their hearts,
And, with a cheerful voice,
The wonders of their King proclaim,
And in the Lord rejoice.

Whatever be thy frame,
Though dark and cold as ice,
No change has taken place in him;
Then in the Lord rejoice.

Till God can change his mind,
And swear he has no choice,
The soul that in the Lord believes,
Shall in the Lord rejoice.

As sure as God is God,
And Abra’m heard his voice,
He’ll love his saints unto the end,
Then let them all rejoice.

Nor sin, nor death, nor hell,
Can make him hate his choice;
The cause of love is in himself;
And in him we’ll rejoice.

He made an end of sin,
And bought us with a price;
Our life, our hope, our all’s in him,
And we’ll in him rejoice.

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