“Rejoice evermore.” 1 Thess. 5. 16; Luke 10. 20

W. Gadsby    148th

Rejoice, ye saints, rejoice,
In Christ, your glorious Head;
With heart, and soul, and voice,
His matchless honours spread;
Exalt his love, proclaim his name,
And sweetly sing the Lamb once slain.

The blood and righteousness
Of the incarnate Word;
The wisdom, truth, and grace,
Of your exalted Lord,
Unite, with one immortal voice,
To bid the saints of God rejoice.

God’s promise and his oath,
And covenant of grace,
Abide secure enough,
To all the chosen race;
And with a solemn, heavenly voice
Invite believers to rejoice.

The whole of Deity,
With all his grace contains,
In sweetest harmony
A solemn joy proclaims;
The Father, Word, and Spirit’s voice
Unite to bid the saints rejoice.


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