“The heart is deceitful above all things.” Jer. 17. 9

W. Gadsby    L.M.

Sin has a thousand pleasing charms,
Which flatter to preserve from harms;
She richly gilds her pleasing baits,
And calls her trash delicious sweets.

Young men and maidens, rich and poor,
Are pleased with her deceptive ore;
There’s scarce an eye that views the light,
But she can charm by day or night.

Nor are the vessels of the Lord
Free from the chirpings of this bird,
Her craft and spleen she’ll make them feel,
And make them like a drunkard reel.

Her nature’s serpentine indeed;
Her strength could make a Samson yield;
Nor David could against her stand,
When David’s God withheld his hand.

Good God! what can a mortal do,
With such a cursèd, artful foe?
Let grace divine my soul defend,
Nor let me to this monster bend.

[Work in me, Lord, to will and do,
My way to Zion to pursue;
And while I tread the thorny road,
Teach me to lean upon my God.]


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