“The carnal mind is enmity against God.” Rom. 8. 7

W. Gadsby    L.M.

The carnal mind takes different ways,
And different objects she surveys;
She’s pleased with things that suit her taste,
But hates the God of truth and grace.

No beauty in the Lord she views,
Nor is she charmed with gospel-news;
She sets at nought, with vain contempt,
The Man the Lord Jehovah sent.

She hates him as the mighty God,
The church’s Wisdom, Life, and Head;
His priestly office she disdains,
And wantons with his wounds and pains.

Whatever office Jesus bears,
Or in what glorious form appears,
She was, and is, and still will be
Against him dreadful enmity.

[Is this the case? Yes, Lord, ’tis true;
And I’ve a carnal nature too,
That fights, with all its hellish might,
Against the God of my delight.

Yet, bless the Lord, through grace I feel
I have a mind that loves him well;
Nor shall the dreadful power of sin,
My better part from Jesus win.]

[May grace not only live and reign,
But may its powers be felt and seen;
Dear God, my every foe subdue,
And make me more than conqueror too.]


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