“My soul, wait thou only upon God.” Ps. 62. 5

W. Gadsby   148th

What foolish worms are we!
How prone to start aside,
And in our troubles flee
From Jesus’ wounded side;
To wait on self, or something base,
Instead of trusting sovereign grace!

O that our souls could wait
At all times on the Lord;
And watch at wisdom’s gate,
Whose mercy will afford
A constant flow of every good,
To souls that trust alone in God.

The Lord is rich indeed,
And richly will supply
The waiting sinner’s need,
With blessings from on high;
My expectation is from God;
Then wait, my soul, upon the Lord.

If darkness him surround,
His mercy’s still the same;
He never will confound
The soul that waits on him;
He is my All; of him I’ll boast;
On him I’ll wait, and in him trust.

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