“The Lord be with you all.” 2 Thess. 3. 16

W. Gadsby     C.M.

The Lord himself be with you all,
To teach you his own will;
And guide you safe from every thrall,
To Zion’s heavenly hill.

Be with you to unfold his grace,
And prove his truth divine;
Unveil the glories of his face,
And make his counsels shine.

Whatever be your state or case,
The Lord himself be near;
Support, protect, defend, embrace,
And make your passage clear.

Thus may you prove his promise true,
And glorify his name;
And every day your songs renew,
While life and breath remain.

The Lord be with you to the end,
And land you safe above;
A long eternity to spend,
In singing, “God is love.”

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