Saints Safe in Christ. John 10. 28, 29; 14. 19; Col. 3. 4

W. Gadsby    148th

When saints together meet
God’s goodness to declare,
The season will be sweet,
If Jesus be but there;
Of Christ they speak; of Christ they boast;
While Jesus lives, they can’t be lost.

What though their house with God
Be not as they could wish,
And oft a Father’s rod
Fills them with deep distress,
Yet in the Lord they firm abide,
United to him as his bride.

[What if their lust rebel,
And threaten to devour,
To plunge their souls to hell,
In some unguarded hour?
Their standing fast is in the Lord,
And they his faithfulness record.]

The Lord will guard them well,
Nor shall they ever be
A prey to death and hell,
For Christ has made them free;
He bought them with his own heart’s blood,
And he will bring them home to God.


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