The Church the Body of Christ. 1 Cor. 12. 27

W. Gadsby   8s

The body, the church, ever stood
In Christ their mysterious Head;
To save them he shed his own blood,
And they from his fulness are fed.
A body united indeed;
Cemented together by love;
And richly supplied from its Head,
With blessings from heaven above.

[Each joint is the care of the Lord,
And he will preserve it from hell;
His aid and his influence afford,
And so supply each member well.
When creatures to time bid adieu,
Each part shall appear in its place,
And live to eternity too,
Where Jesus unveileth his face.]

The arm, and the eye, and the breast,
Or members less comely to sight,
Shall ever be honoured and blest,
In glory’s ineffable light.
No schism can ever take place;
’Tis built and supported by God;
A temple of infinite grace,
A mansion of immortal love.


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