The Sabbath. Heb. 4. 8-11; Exod. 31. 15

W. Gadsby    8.8.6.

The Sabbath was a day of rest;
The day the Lord Jehovah blest;
A lively type of Christ;
The labouring poor may venture here;
The guilty banish all their fear,
And lean on Jesus’ breast.

When foes without, and foes within,
Wrath, law, and Satan, guilt and sin,
The child of God molest;
Fatigued with sin, distressed with fear,
He enters into Christ, and there
He finds a settled rest.

Jesus is Zion’s only rest;
Thrice happy is the man, and blest,
That into him believes;
His six days’ toil is finished then;
His slavish fear for ever gone;
By faith in Christ he lives.

[A precious resting-place indeed;
Whatever weary pilgrims need
Is richly treasured here.
Here sinners may commune with God,
And drink full draughts of heavenly love,
Nor death nor danger fear.]

O may I ever rest in him,
And never, never stray again,
Nor after strangers roam;
Dear Jesus, fix my roving heart,
Nor ever let me from thee start,
Till thou shalt take me home.


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