“Watch and pray.” Matt. 26. 41; Mark 14. 38

W. Gadsby    7s

Dangerous is the path we go,
In this wilderness below,
Savage beasts, of every kind,
Aiming to distress the mind.

Scarce an hour but pilgrims see
They from danger are not free;
In some unexpected way,
Something fills them with dismay.

Thus beset, they daily feel
They have neither strength nor skill
Rightly to oppose the foe,
Or to guard against the woe.

How, then, can they persevere?
Must they of the prize despair?
No; ’tis theirs to watch and pray,
For the Lord will guard the way.

Christ the Master, Lord of all,
Bids his children watch and call;
May it be our blessed case,
Both to watch and seek his face.

When we watch, then may we pray,
And in prayer watch every day;
And with pleasure ever prove
All our strength is from above.

[Thus supported, we shall be
More than conquerors, Lord, through thee;
And when every danger’s past,
Live and reign with thee at last.]

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