Hymn for a Fast Day. Ps. 93. 1-4; 99. 1

W. Gadsby   C.M.

Great God! whose universal power
Through all the earth is known;
Who governs heaven and earth, nor sits
On a precarious throne;

No strange commotions on the earth,
No wars have taken place,
But what were ever in thy view,
Almighty God of grace.

Creatures of every sort and kind
Are all at thy control;
The God that fills immensity
Must reign from pole to pole.

Our wars and tumults all arise
As the effect of sin;
Sin is the cause of all the woes
The world has felt or seen.

Dear Lord, we fall before thy face;
Our guilt and folly own;
And pray thee, for thy mercy’s sake,
To make thy goodness known.

In mercy put a stop to war;
In mercy send us peace;
Nor let thy vengeance on us fall,
Almighty King of grace.

Yet, Lord, whate’er thy will may be,
We pray to be resigned;
We know thou art too wise to err,
Too good to be unkind.


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