A Song of Praise to the Holy Three. Rev. 19. 5

W. Gadsby   8.8.6.

When will the happy moment come
That I shall meet my Lord at home,
And all his glory view?
Where sin no more shall vex my soul,
Nor Satan any more control,
Nor guilt shall me pursue?

[Christ loved, and chose, and ransomed me,
From sin and Satan set me free,
And washed me in his blood;
He clothed me well from top to toe,
Adorned me with his glory too,
And brought me home to God.]

When such a guilty wretch as I,
Deserving nought but misery,
Shall in full glory be,
With all the blood-bought throng above,
I’ll sing the riches of thy love,
Through vast eternity.

I’ll tell the Father and the Son,
And the blest Spirit, Three-in-One,
I’m saved by grace divine;
And, with a strong, immortal voice,
In this one God will I rejoice,
Nor ever more repine.

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