Baptism. Matt. 3. 13-15; Luke 6. 46; John 15. 14

W. Gadsby   148th

With wonder and with love,
We at thy courts appear;
Thy ways our hearts approve,
And thy great name revere;
We own the Lamb, our Leader wise,
Nor would we dare his ways despise.

[What Jesus does command,
His children should obey;
He’s King in Zion’s land,
And does his sceptre sway;
Let Zion, then, with one accord,
Obey the precepts of her Lord.]

Can anything be mean,
That’s worthy of our God?
The King himself was seen
In Jordan’s swelling flood;
And shall the subject scorn to tread
The path the King himself has made?

Come, fill our souls with love,
With faith, and peace, and joy,
Nor let the price of blood
Against her God reply;
Dear Father, draw, and we will run,
In sweet obedience to thy Son.


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