Deliverance Sure. Deut. 7. 22; 2 Cor. 12. 7-9

J. Hart   C.M.

The Lord assured the chosen race,
From Egypt’s bondage brought,
They should obtain the promised place;
And find the rest they sought.

[Strong nations now possess the land,
Yet yield not thou to doubt;
With arm outstretched, and mighty hand,
Thy God shall drive them out.

Not all at once, for fear thou find,
The ravenous beasts of prey
Rising upon thee from behind,
As dangerous foes as they.

By little and by little, he
Will chase them from thy sight;
Believers are not called, we see,
To sleep or play, but fight.

Spiritual pride, that rampant beast,
Would rear its haughty head;
True faith would soon be dispossessed,
And carelessness succeed.

Corruptions make the mourners shun
Presumption’s dangerous snare,
Force us to trust to Christ alone,
And fly to God by prayer.

By them we feel how low we’re lost,
And learn, in some degree,
How dear that great salvation cost,
Which comes to us so free.

If such a weight to every soul
Of sin and sorrow fall,
What love was that which took the whole,
And freely bore it all!]

O when will God our joy complete,
And make an end of sin?
When shall we walk the land, and meet
No Canaanite therein?

[Will this precede the day of death,
Or must we wait till then?
Ye struggling souls, be strong in faith,
And quit yourselves like men.]

Our dear Deliverer’s love is such,
He cannot long delay;
Meantime, that foe can’t boast of much,
Who makes us watch and pray.


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