“Stand still.” Exod. 14. 13; Matt. 7. 14

J. Hart    C.M.

Oh what a narrow, narrow path
Is that which leads to life!
Some talk of works, and some of faith,
With warmth, and zeal, and strife.

But after all that’s said or done,
Let men think what they will,
The strength of every tempted son
Consists in standing still.

[“Stand still,” says one, “that’s easy sure;
’Tis what I always do.”
Deluded soul, be not secure;
This is not meant to you.

Not driven by fear, nor drawn by love,
Nor yet by duty led;
Lie still you do, and never move;
For who can move that’s dead?

But for a living soul to stand,
By thousand dangers scared,
And feel destruction close at hand,
O this indeed is hard!

To shun this danger, others run
To hide they know not where;
Or though they fight, no victory’s won;
They only beat the air.]

He that believes, the Scripture says,
Shall not confusedly haste.
Thus danger threats both him that stays
And him that runs too fast.

[Haste grasps at all, but nothing keeps;
Sloth is a dangerous state;
And he that flees, and he that sleeps,
Cannot be said to wait.]

Lord, let thy Spirit prompt us when
To go, and when to stay;
Attract us with the cords of men,
And we shall not delay.

Give power and will, and then command,
And we will follow thee;
And when we’re frightened, bid us stand
And thy salvation see.

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