For Public Fast or Humiliation. Joel. 1. 14; 2. 15-17

J. Hart           C.M.

Lord, look on all assembled here,
Who in thy presence stand
To offer up united prayer
For this our sinful land.

[Oft have we each in private prayed
Our country might find grace;
Now hear the same petitions made
In this appointed place.

Or, if among us some be met,
So careless of their sin,
They have not cried for mercy yet,
Lord, make them now begin.]

Thou, by whose death poor sinners live,
By whom their prayers succeed,
Thy Spirit of supplication give,
And we shall pray indeed.

We will not slack, nor give thee rest,
But importune thee so
That, till we shall by thee be blest,
We will not let thee go.

Great God of Hosts, deliverance bring;
Guide those that hold the helm;
Support the state, preserve the king,
And spare the guilty realm.

Or, should the dread decree be past,
And we must feel thy rod,
May faith and patience hold us fast
To our correcting God.

Whatever be our destined case,
Accept us in thy Son;
Give us his gospel and his grace,
And then, Thy will be done.

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