The Law and Grace. John 1. 17; Rom. 3. 31

J. Hart                  C.M.

Is, then, the law of God untrue,
Which he by Moses gave?
No! but to take it in this view,
That it has power to save.

[Legal obedience were complete,
Could we the law fulfil;
But no man ever did so yet,
And no man ever will.]

The law was never meant to give
New strength to man’s lost race;
We cannot act before we live,
And life proceeds from grace.

But grace and truth by Christ are given;
To him must Moses bow;
Grace fits the new-born soul for heaven,
And truth informs us how.

By Christ we enter into rest,
And triumph o’er the fall;
Whoe’er would be completely blest
Must trust to Christ for all.

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