A General Admonition. Heb. 13. 22; Matt. 6. 19-21

J. Hart    P.M.

Brethren, why toil ye thus for toys,
And reckon trash for treasure?
Call gay deceptions solid joys,
Intoxication pleasure?

If more refined amusements please,
As knowledge, arts, or learning,
A moment puts an end to these,
And sometimes short’s the warning.

What balm could wretches ever find
In wit to heal affliction?
Or who can cure a troubled mind
With all the pomp of diction?

Reflect what trifles ye pursue,
So anxious and so heedful;
For, after all, you’ll find it true,
There is but one thing needful.

God in his Scriptures to reveal
His will has condescended;
What there is said he will fulfil,
Though man may be offended.

This written word with reverence treat;
Join prayer with each inspection;
And be not wise in self-conceit;
’Tis folly to perfection.

True wisdom, of celestial birth,
Can both instruct and cherish;
Other attainments are of earth,
And all that’s earth must perish.

The chief concern of fall’n mankind
Should be to enjoy God’s favour;
What safety can a sinner find
Before he finds a Saviour?

This Saviour must be one that can
From sin and death release us,
Make up the breach ’twixt God and man;
Which none can do but Jesus.

Jesus is Judge of quick and dead;
And there is none beside him,
Whether his power we slight or dread,
Adore him or deride him.

Whate’er we judge ourselves, we must
Or stand or fall by his doom;
And they that in this Jesus trust,
Have found eternal wisdom.

Mercy and love, from Jesus felt,
Can heal a wounded spirit;
Mercy that triumphs over guilt,
And love that seeks no merit.


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