An End of Sin. Dan. 9. 24; John. 19. 18-30

J. Hart   L.M.

Jesus, when on the bloody tree
He hung, through soul and body pierced,
That all things might accomplished be
Contained in Scripture, said, “I thirst.”

Hyssop, the plant ordained by God,
And held by Jews in high esteem,
Which sprinkled them with paschal blood,
Sharp vinegar conveyed to him.

This done, our dear, our dying Lord
Exerts his short, expiring breath;
Utters this rich, important word,
“’Tis finished!” and submits to death.

Henceforth an end is put to sin
(The important word implies not less).
Now for believers is brought in
An everlasting righteousness.

The Son of God and man, has died,
Sinners as black as hell to save;
And, that they might be justified,
Is risen victorious from the grave.

In heaven he lives, our King, our Priest;
There for his people ever pleads:
How sure is our salvation! Christ
Died, rose, ascended, intercedes.

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