“And ye are complete in him.” Col. 2. 10; Gal. 5. 6

J. Hart    C.M.

When is it Christians all agree,
And let distinctions fall?
When, nothing in themselves, they see
That Christ is all in all.

But strife and difference will subsist
While men will something seem;
Let them but singly look to Christ
And all are one in him.

The infant and the aged saint,
The worker and the weak,
They who are strong and seldom faint,
And they who scarce can speak.

Eternal life’s the gift of God;
It comes through Christ alone;
’Tis his, he bought it with his blood;
And therefore gives his own.

We have no life, no power, no faith,
But what by Christ is given;
We all deserve eternal death,
And thus we all are even.


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