The Author’s Confession. Gen. 27. 20

J. Hart        148th

And now the work is done,
 Without much pains or cost;
 The author’s merit’s none,
 And therefore none his boast;
 He only claims whate’er’s amiss;
 Alas! how large a share is his!

Some time it took to beat
 And hunt for tinkling sound;
 But the rich savoury meat
 Was very quickly found;
 For every truly Christian thought
 Was by the God of Isaac brought.

May he that sings or reads
 That precious blessing know
 That comes by Jacob’s kids,
 And not from Esau’s bow.
 O bring no price! God’s grace is free
 To Paul, to Magdalene, to me!

Glory to God alone
 (Let man forbear to boast),
 To Father, and to Son,
 And to the Holy Ghost:
 Eternal life’s the gift of God;
 The Lamb procured it by his blood.


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