Heaven. Rev. 7. 15-17; 2 Cor. 5. 1; Heb. 6. 20

J. Hart       C.M.

Ye souls that trust in Christ, rejoice;
 Your sins are all forgiven;
 Let every Christian lift his voice,
 And sing the joys of heaven.

Heaven is that holy, happy place,
 Where sin no more defiles;
 Where God unveils his blissful face,
 And looks, and loves, and smiles;

[Where Jesus, Son of man and God,
 Triumphant from his wars,
 Walks in rich garments, dipped in blood,
 And shows his glorious scars;]

[Where ransomed sinners sound God’s praise
 The angelic host among;
 Sing the rich wonders of his grace,
 And Jesus leads the song;]

[Where saints are free from every load
 Of passions, or of pains;
 God dwells in them, and they in God;
 And love for ever reigns.]

Lord, as thou show’st thy glory there,
 Make known thy grace to us;
 And heaven will not be wanting here
 While we can hymn thee thus:

Jesus, our dear Redeemer, died
 That we might be forgiven;
 Rose that we might be justified,
 And sends the Spirit from heaven.

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