Faith and Works. James 2. 17; Gal. 5. 6; 1 John. 3. 7

J. Hart       C.M.

When filthy passions or unjust
 Professors’ minds control;
 When men give up the reins to lust,
 And interest sways the whole;

Or when they seek themselves to please,
 Decline each thorny road,
 Indulge their sloth, consult their ease,
 And slight the fear of God;

The faith is vain such men profess;
 It comes not from above;
 The righteous man does righteousness,
 And true faith works by love.

[Men’s actions with their minds will suit;
 By them the heart is viewed;
 A tree that bears corrupted fruit,
 Cannot be callèd good.]

The Christian seeks his brother’s good,
 Sometimes beyond his own;
 Or, if self-interest will intrude,
 It does not reign alone.

Help us, dear Lord, to honour thee;
 Let our good works abound;
 Thou art that green, that fruitful tree;
 From thee our fruit is found.

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