Reflecting on Past Enjoyment. Job. 29. 2, 3

J. Kent                 L.M.

O that my soul, as heretofore,
Could with delight and love explore
Those sacred sweets, in Jesus’ name,
That once my raptured soul o’ercame!

Once I beheld his lovely face,
As full of truth and full of grace;
Ten thousand thousand suns were dim
In lustre, when compared with him.

With his delights my soul was cheered,
With raptures then his voice I heard;
The word he spake was sweet to me;
’Twas, “Sinner, I have lovèd thee.”

But now those golden hours are fled,
My spirit mourns, with sorrow fed;
His promise in his word I see,
But fear, alas! ’tis not for me.

O that my Sun, with cheering ray,
Would chase these shades of night away;
Then shall my soul arise and sing
The healing virtue of his wing.

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