“They that feared the Lord spake often one to another.” Mal. 3. 16

J. Kent                  L.M.

When saint to saint, in days of old,
Their sorrows, sins, and sufferings told,
Jesus, the Friend of sinners, dear,
His saints to bless was present there.

As members of his mystic frame,
Together met to bless his name;
While humbly at his throne we bow,
As “God with us” he’s present now.

O blest devotion! thus to meet,
And spread our woes at his dear feet;
Call him our own, in ties of blood,
And hold sweet fellowship with God.

His former visits we recount,
On Mizar’s hill and Hermon’s mount;
Yet still our souls desire anew
His sweetest, loveliest face to view.

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