“He will rest in his love.” Zeph. 3. 17; Ps. 89. 33

J. Kent                104th

Salvation by grace, how charming the song!
With seraphim join the theme to prolong;
’Twas planned by Jehovah in council above,
Who to everlasting shall rest in his love.

This covenant of grace all blessings secures;
Believers, rejoice, for all things are yours;
And God from his purpose shall never remove,
But love thee, and bless thee, and rest in his love.

But when, like a sheep that strays from the fold,
To Jesus thy Lord thy love shall grow cold,
Think not he’ll reject thee, howe’er he reprove;
For though he correct thee, he’ll rest in his love.

In Jesus, the Lamb, the Father’s delight,
The saints without blame appear in his sight;
And while he in Jesus their souls shall approve,
So long shall Jehovah abide in his love.

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