Hoping in God. Isa. 3. 10; Zech. 2. 5; Ps. 42. 7-9

J. Kent                  8.8.6.

Cease, O believer, cease to mourn;
Return unto thy rest, return;
Why should thy sorrows swell?
Though deep distress thy steps attend,
Thy warfare shall in triumph end;
With thee it shall go well.

Thy God has said (his word shall stand,
Not like the writing on the sand,
But firm as his decree)
That, “When thy foes, death, hell, and sin,
On every side shall hem thee in,
A wall of fire I’ll be.”

Though trouble now thy heart appals,
And deep to deep incessant calls,
No storm shall injure thee;
Thy anchor, once in Jesus cast,
Shall hold thy soul, till thou at last
Him face to face shalt see.


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