Spiritual Poverty. Matt. 5. 3; Luke. 6. 20; James 2. 5

J. Kent               8.7.4.

Blessèd are the poor in spirit,
Who their native vileness see,
They are all taught sin’s demerit,
Gladly own salvation free,
And from Sinai
To the wounds of Jesus flee.

Stripped of all their fancied meetness
To approach the dread I AM,
They are led to see all fitness
Centring in the worthy Lamb;
And adoring,
Sing his Godhead, blood, and name.

Self-renouncing, grace admiring,
Made unto salvation wise,
Matchless love their bosoms firing,
O how sweet their songs arise:
“None but Jesus!”
From his blood their hopes arise.

At his throne their sins confessing,
Now in shame they veil their face,
Weeping, loving, praising, blessing,
On his head the crown they place;
Shouting glory
To the God of sovereign grace.


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