“If the Lord were pleased to kill us.” Judg. 13. 23

Dobell’s Selection                 L.M.

Why should I yield to slavish fears?
God is the same to endless years;
Though clouds and darkness hide his face,
He’s boundless both in truth and grace.

Would e’er the God of truth make known
The worth and glory of his Son;
His love and righteousness display,
And cast my soul at last away?

Would he reveal my sin and woe,
Teach me my numerous wants to know,
And help me in my darkest frame
To build my hopes on Jesus’ name;

Would God preserve my soul from hell,
And make his love at times prevail,
Would he bestow such mercies past,
And yet reject my soul at last?

Though unbelief may long molest,
And sin and Satan break my rest,
Grace shall at last the victory get,
And make my conquest quite complete.


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