“It is finished.” John 19. 30; 4. 34; 17. 4

T. Kelly              8.7.4.

“It is finished!” Sinners, hear it;
’Tis the dying Victor’s cry;
“It is finished!” Angels bear it,
Bear the joyful truth on high :
“It is finished!”
Tell it through the earth and sky!

Justice, from her awful station,
Bars the sinner’s peace no more;
Justice views with approbation
What the Saviour did and bore;
Grace and mercy
Now display their boundless store.

Hear the Lord himself declaring
All performed he came to do;
Sinners, in yourselves despairing,
This is joyful news to you.
Jesus speaks it,
His are faithful words and true.

“It is finished!” all is over;
Yes, the cup of wrath is drained;
Such the truth these words discover;
Thus the victory was obtained;
’Tis a victory
None but Jesus could have gained.

Crown the mighty Conqueror, crown him,
Who his people’s foes o’ercame!
In the highest heaven enthrone him!
Men and angels, sound his fame!
Great his glory!
Jesus bears a matchless name.


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