“If the Son shall make you free….” John 8. 36

Spiritual Mag., 1790             C.M.

Ye captive souls, in fetters bound,
Who feel your misery;
The way to liberty is found –
The Son shall make you free.

Hear the Redeemer’s gracious call :
“Poor captives, come to me;
Into my arms for freedom fall;
Come, and I’ll make you free.”

Why should you doubt his love or power?
To him for refuge flee;
This is the Lord’s appointed hour;
He waits to make you free.

The souls who are by Jesus freed,
No more shall bondage see;
From sin and death they’re free indeed;
Dear Saviour, make me free.

Divorce my soul from every sin,
Let me thy servant be;
O make and keep my conscience clean
To show that I am free.

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