“I cry unto thee daily.” Ps. 86. 3; 55. 17

R. Burnham                 7s

Jesus, now thyself reveal;
Manifest thy love to me;
Make me, Saviour, make me feel
All my soul’s delight in thee.

All thy ways I’d well approve,
Under thy dear wings abide;
Never from thy cross I’d move,
Never leave thy wounded side.

Daily I’d repent of sin,
Daily wash in Calvary’s blood,
Daily feel thy peace within,
Daily I’d commune with God.

Daily I’d thy name adore,
Prize thy word, and love to pray;
All thy kindness well explore,
Still press on to perfect day.

When with evils I’m beset,
Foes advancing all around,
Down I’d fall at thy dear feet,
Wait to see thy grace abound.

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