Repentance and Faith.  Matt. 9. 13; Luke 13. 3

J. Hart                               C.M.

[What various ways do men invent,
To give the conscience ease!
Some say, Believe; and some, Repent;
And some say, Strive to please.

But, brethren, Christ, and Christ alone,
Can rightly do the thing;
Nor ever can the way be known,
Till he salvation bring.

What mean the men that say, Believe,
And let repentance go?
What comfort can the soul receive
That never felt its woe?]

Christ says, “That I might sinners call
To penitence, I’m sent;”
And, “Likewise ye shall perish all,
Except ye do repent.”

Those who are called by grace divine
Believe, but not alone;
Repentance to their faith they join,
And so go safely on.

But should repentance, or should faith,
Should both deficient seem,
Jesus gives both, the Scripture saith;
Then ask them both of him.

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