“Godly sorrow worketh repentance.”  2 Cor. 7. 10

J. Hart                           C.M.

Repentance is a gift bestowed
To save a soul from death;
Gospel repentance towards God
Is always joined to faith.

Not for an hour, or day, or week,
Do saints repentance own;
But all the time the Lord they seek,
At sin they grieve and groan.

[Nor is it such a dismal thing
As ’tis by some men named;
A sinner may repent and sing,
Rejoice and be ashamed.]

’Tis not the fear of hell alone,
For that may prove extreme;
Repenting saints the Saviour own
And grieve for grieving him.

If penitence be quite left out,
Religion is but halt;
And hope, though e’er so clear of doubt,
Like offerings without salt.

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